Culture and Coaching


I am a certified coach with a focus on executive coaching and management development.

  • Certified Executive Coach (CEC), Royal Roads University
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation.

Contact me for an introductory conversation about your goals and how we might work together:

Executive Coach in the Public Service

I work with executives in Canada’s Federal Public Service to support their professional development goals, in keeping with the key leadership competencies. I can be engaged for intensive sprints for Board preparation, for continuing leadership development, or as a thought partner for execs in particularly challenging or isolated roles.

I have a ProServices supply arrangement for Leadership Development and Organization Development.

Executive Coach/Thought Partner

Executives can be isolated by their authoritative position, and cut-off from direct and essential feedback. As an executive coach and thought partner, I take the role of objective outsider with whom you can blow off steam, weigh options, be challenged, and gain perspective on your patterns and possible blindspots — in fully confidential conversations. Depending on your situation, I might also accompany you at work to observe your interactions with others, or I might conduct an interview-based 360 to gather unfiltered feedback for you.

Management Development Coach

I work with first-line, middle and senior level managers in ongoing coaching programs that typically take place over six to eight months in order to progress in a specific development topic and create new habits. We establish goals for the coaching program and then meet about every two weeks to give a regular cadence to the process. As part of the coaching engagement, I might also design and conduct interview-based 360s to increase self-awareness and focus effort.

I may also be engaged for short-term coaching to increase readiness for a specific event or to increase effectiveness in a new role.

Team Coach — Support for employees during change

Is your organization or team undergoing a significant change that is causing disruption or uncertainty for groups of employees at any levels? I can commit to regular blocks of time on your site to be available for coaching conversations with whoever wants the support. Feeling heard and understood by an objective outsider can alleviate stress and help employees gain perspective and clarity.

A few comments from Public Service clients

I can absolutely confirm that the results of your coaching process are evident and good value.

Thank you for helping in my journey of self-discovery.

Our prep time together made a HUGE difference!!!

The great news is I got the job, so clearly the process with you was worthwhile.

I very much enjoyed working with you last time, and the results were very good.

The session helped me focus my approach and identify tangible examples that I put to use in the interview.

Thank you for your coaching, you help me gain better confidence which I really needed.

Other testimonials

I recently left a large corporation to build my own business, a career change that can be daunting. However, my work with Elizabeth transformed how I see myself, and how I approach both my personal and business growth. She has an uncanny ability to understand and focus on what I need to achieve – even when I could not… Elizabeth’s coaching has moved me to a new level of personal and business growth that I don’t believe I could have achieved independently.

~ Former Telecom Executive, New Business Owner

Having recently sold my cleantech company, I was looking to take on some new challenges and bring more balance to my life and relationships. Elizabeth was able to see through all the haze and noise and allow me to shift towards a better leader and less of a lone-wolf. She challenged my perspectives and beliefs causing me to see myself and my relationships in a different light and hence be able to question some key attitudes. In a very short period of time, I was able to grow both personally and professionally and that made significant changes and impact on my day-to-day activities. Elizabeth clearly has a true and unique gift. I would not hesitate to recommend her work as a coach, motivator and group facilitator.

~ Executive, High-Tech Entrepreneur

Whoa!  What an experience. I’ve just finished a second session with Elizabeth, and as we were recapping … it felt so powerful and at the same time so simple, to realize, what “I am.” Elizabeth helped me to appreciate aspects of myself, my choices and my actions that I didn’t recognize.., When I asked Elizabeth to be my coach, I had no idea of what it would involve or how her guidance would change my life. Don’t doubt it. Just do it!

~ Director, Telecom

Elizabeth is a wonderful coach, and working with her was extremely rewarding for me…She is brilliant, intuitive, gentle (yet firm when I was hesitant and fearful). In the “assignments” she gave me, and tools to use, she challenged my old ways of thinking.  She helped me see where I was stuck, and gently guided me into a new way of looking at myself. I felt that Elizabeth truly understood me, cared for me as a human being, and was determined to help me where I needed and wanted help.  She did all that, and more.

~ Artist

Elizabeth’s skills in change management have helped me navigate a career transition that I would not have been able to do on my own. By opening up new paths of questioning, helping me inventory my own skills, along with setting realistic goals, Elizabeth offered a unique combination of practical advice in behavioral transformation together with a profound sensitivity to the values that I hold most dear. Particularly powerful was Elizabeth’s use of archetypes to help me identify the kind of person I was, and the kind of person I wanted to become. Real-world “homework” was assigned for each session, so that the gap between these archetypes could be overcome… I recommend Elizabeth to anyone out there who wants to take the next big step.

~ Educator

After 20 years as a freelancer I still struggled with my money practices; in everything from quoting and billing, to collecting on invoices. With a firm but gentle hand, Elizabeth guided me in small, easily-managed steps to a better understanding of why I had worked this way and how I could change my thinking for the better. Over several months, Elizabeth’s intuitive, almost fluid approach helped me gain control over a critical aspect of my business which had eluded and baffled me for years… Her business-like, yet completely relaxed attitude, her ability to cut to the heart of a problem, and the creativity of her style are a unique combination that I think make her ideally suited for her role as coach.

~ Freelance Designer