Workshops and Speaking

I design, lead and facilitate customized sessions for groups of any size.

Find Your Way Workshops

Coming up on a career crossroads and want to approach it with strength and balance? Or feeling stalled or blocked in some aspect of your work and want to get unstuck? These dynamic 2-hour workshops challenge assumptions, open up perspectives and inspire exploration of possibilities. You’ll have the chance to refresh your narrative of your path so far, and gain more clarity on where you’re going next.

Management Development Workshops

These dynamic workshops bring together managers, team leaders and “lynch-pins” to increase their know-how, build their skills, and get to know each other better. Workshops are customized in consultation with you to directly improve effectiveness where your organization needs it most. Some popular topics:
• Values Refresh
• Giving and Receiving Feedback: A Multi-Generational Approach
• EQ for Customer-Facing Roles
• Resilience & Wellbeing for Stressed Teams


Prefer a speaker rather than a workshop? I’m happy to share my stories and insights about the culture and workplace dynamics topics that are relevant to your organization. Organization politics is a favourite.

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Elizabeth Walker